Women’s Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is one of the key elements of any development program. When Watershed Development programs have a strong gender components, it ensures equity, balance and holistic participation.

In WOTRs water villages women, we help women organize themselves into Self-Help Groups (SHGs) which are further federated into Samyukt Mahila Samitis (SMS). Training women in the specifics of organizing and managing SHGs as well as the SMSs are key elements in the women’s empowerment program.

This training is conducted in 2 modules. The content of the first module covers the specifics of management of SHGs and the second module covers the concept, needs and importance of SMS, and roles and responsibilities of the SMS. This directly results in empowering women to actively participate in various developmental activities and ensure their effective  representation in village level institutions (CBOs such as VDC/VWC, forest committee, etc.)


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